Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Got my nails did

Dear Reader,
So today I went to get my nails did with my brother in tow. I was in such desperate need of a fill-in, I bounced in the shop, (not my normal shop) picked out my loverly color and was on my way to pretty-nail-land again.

After my nails have been buffed and I am sent off to wash my hands of acrylic debris and cuticle oil, its time to get them polished! *squee!* As the first coat of polish is applied, I notice a hair (not mine...eek!) on my half-polished thumbnail! I make it a point to show my non-english-speaking nail tech. by making a sound of sorts, but all he does is paint over it! UGH! Whatever, I have the same color at home, I will take care of this myself. I'm just happy to have my nails did. I lead quite the exciting life, eh?

With Love,

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