About Me

Dear Reader,

My name is Katie and I've recently entered my 30's...all the while kicking and screaming. I married my lovely husband, Corey, in 2003 and we're the proud parents of two furry babies; Pedro and Oscar.
My brother, Corey, decided it was time for me to start blogging. About what I'm not sure, my life is seemingly unexciting, but I hope to change that soon with the help of this very blog.
Now, if you're confused about my husband being Corey and my brother being Corey...don't rush to judgement quite yet. I may be an Alabama girl, but the man I married just happened to be named Corey too. ;)
What I hope to accomplish with this blog is this: I hope to be inspired to have more life experiences, write daily or at least weekly, and humor you all with my thoughts. I hope that you enjoy Letters From A Natural Blonde as much as I intend to enjoy writing them. Happy writing!

With Love,