Monday, October 11, 2010

No words.

Dear Reader,

I have had the worst weekend EVER. This is just a taste of a post to come. You all will understand later.

1)I will not be traveling with my husband.

2)I have realized just how amazing of a support system I have.

3)Life WILL go on, it just has to. (No, nobody died...yet.)

4)I cried all weekend and still am, I'm hurting and allowed to grieve.

5)I am not a weak woman, I will learn, grow, and get stronger from this mess.

With Love,


  1. Only good thoughts and wishes coming your way hun. I hope everything sorts itself out and that you have a much much better weekend from now and ever more.

  2. Yes!! You will learn, grow, and love again!

  3. You are a strong beautiful woman and Im proud of you for handling yourself so well!

    Love you!