Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adoration and Infatuation

Dear Reader,
In my last post I mentioned a certain look of adoration I have been receiving. Sure, It's nice to be noticed and all that, but today was an awkward one.

I was in my car on my lunch break and my co-worker, we will call him 'D', shows up. He is off today, but came by and noticed I was there. He pulls his car around to where I'm parked, gets out of his and walks up to my window to chat. He starts to somewhat reveal his feelings for me. He tells me I'm pretty, I say "no I'm not, but thank you". He asks me to come to his house and we can get "shit-faced". He knows good and well that I'm married, as is he. I politely decline his invitation.

In the next car over, there is another co-worker of mine on her lunch hour as well. D leans into my car and asks, "kiss?" I say, "D! No, there are people around", and I blush. We know all too well how people in the workplace can talk up a storm about what they may or may not have seen. D and I did not kiss, nor would I for that matter. I don't need any kind of rumors being spread about something that is not happening.

With Love,