Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Reader,
Okay, so a few weeks back I wanted some pancake mix, blueberry to be exact. Now, I understand that there are 'imitation' blueberries in it, but I wanted it, so I bought the mix. And it was good. However, I've been having this weird dream about,not the mix itself, but blueberries. I am not one that usually remembers her dreams, it's rare if I do and the dreams are always in bits and pieces, so lets see if we can make sense of this.

I'm sleeping and someone is demanding some breakfast, (who, I can't figure this out, maybe my cats are hungry?) then I am alarmed to find that blueberries are being tossed at me. One by one, I can feel them being pelted at me, it's annoying. I am then left trying not to squish these strewn blueberries with my feet, or lay on them, (since I am in bed). The very thought of puncturing one or more blueberries is frightening, so I get up slowly, as if to tip-toe around egg shells, and make my way to the bathroom where I look in the mirror and I am covered in blueberry stains, but it looks like blood.

I'm in the shower, trying to come clean of these stains, but I keep tasting the blueberry taste. I then wake up to find Oscar, my new kitten, suckling at my arm like he is trying to find a nipple so he can nurse. Oscar runs away when I make him realize that I am not cat-mommy, but that sucking sound remains imbeded in my memory.

This makes no sense at all, but it is a bit humorous to me. If any of you can shed some light as to why I would be dreaming about something so odd, please share.

With Love,

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  1. I don't think any sense can be made of it LOL...too funny. It's like dreaming about some random noise when in all actuality your alarm clock is going were subconsciously aware that your baby kitty was suckling your arm and it effected your dream.