Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's like an early birthday present!! (not really.)

Dear Reader,
Well, thanks for stopping by for my updates, I've got some good & exciting news! So, those of you that have read my recent posts know of my recent arrest. I went to court on Tuesday, terrified they would lock me up again because I did not have a dime to my name. As soon as court started, the Judge wants to acknowledge all the bad-check-writers. He requests us all, there were quite a few of us, to stand up when he called our name (in public! Embarassing!) and enter our plea and ask to speak with someone. So, this girl is first, and she's like, "I guess plead guilty, and I wanna speak to someone". My brother slaps my knee and says "That's what you should do!!" I'm like...uhhhh, okay. My turn comes and I plead guilty. Yes folks, I'm the new not-so-proud owner of an adult record. I mean, It's a misdemeanor, but STILL! The court gave me six months to pay this not so little debt off, for that I am grateful. AND I can leave the state! I met some interesting people waiting for my "deal", if you will. There was Toni, who sat beside me, and is a nurse, who wrote a check to dominos. DOMINOS Y'all!!! I mean, c'mon, she had to feed her kids. Then there was this guy who wrote a ten dollar check. Yep, I said TEN dollars. You know what that ten dollar check costed him? $425.00!!!!! I'll never write another check. EVER.

I am finally done with moving all my stuff into a storage facility because I am going over the road with my hubbs. It's going to be so fun & I am so excited! As of this moment, he will be home in less than 13 hours. *SQUEE!!!* He had to come home anyways to renew his CDL license. So, this makes me a happy girl because I won't have to greyhound it alone to catch up with him. Now, on another note, a bitter and very sour note, If anyone reading this post or knows someone who is even thinking about going to truck driving school, research, research, and research! My husband and I were lied to time and time again about promised bonuses never paid to him, new-er trucks to train in that instead they had to drive trucks that were breaking down everyday, and most importantly, we were informed there would be plenty of trainers so the guys could learn properly, but no, what happens? A trainee is backing up and runs a fellow student over and sends him to the E.R. I was furious. The whole time, the only thing that came out of this experience was a little more knowledge and a temporary CDL. Also, research the company you'll be driving for...just sayin'.

My dad is doing as well as can be expected. After his heart stents, he was admitted into the hospital two more times. He cannot breathe. The doctors cannot figure out what is wrong. His heart is okay, no asthma, no emphasema, lungs look good, I don't understand! I pray they will find out what is causing him to be uncomfortable with his breathing soon.

My brother and his BF just got a studio apartment of their own, I hope they will be very happy there, but it is a little 'ghetto-ish' at night, so this concerns me. They'll be okay though. I hope. Ha ha.

Well, that's all I got for now...I hope to be able to blog and share pictures from this experience. Thanks for reading, see ya soon!

With Love,

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  1. Im following you now girl! lol Mark got his CDL a few years ago and Ive heard the same thing from him! Im happy that you're getting to travel with your man and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Be sure to let me know when you're back in town! Love you bunches!!!