Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Humiliation at it's best.

Dear Reader,

Six days ago my phone ran out of minutes while in the midst of talking to my husband. I decided, at midnight, that I would run to Wal-Mart to get a new phone card and refill my minutes. On my way back home, two minutes from my home, I was pulled over by the police. The cop claims he pulled me over due to my tag light being dim...not out, but DIM! He then asks for my license and car insurance. I hand him my I.D. and I am searching for my proof of insurance that does not exist. Meanwhile, praying. Praying hard. The cop says he'll be back and goes to run my info. After about ten minutes of "searching", he comes back and asks me to turn my car off and step out. Oh shit, I'm thinking. This is not good. My minutes are not yet replenished and I have no way to tell my husband of my arrest. Now, before you go judging me, I am not a bad person. I swear I'm not. Turns out, I had written a check for some groceries last summer and it slipped my mind to take care of it. SHIT!! Stupid, stupid stupid!

Needless to say, I was arrested for a bad check warrant, if you will. The cop hand cuffs me, asks if my husband can come get my car, I tell him no because he is out of town, he is a truck driver. The cop then asks if anyone else can come get it or it will be towed. I tell him, yes, my brother can come get it but he lives twenty minutes away. The cop then informs me they don't have time to wait so we will need to tow it. SHIT!!!! More money I don't have.

Since my warrant is in the next county over, they take me to the nearest booking station where I am finger printed and a nasty mug shot of me is taken, placed in a cell, ten minutes later, an officer from the county my warrant is in pulls up. He then cuffs me, drives me thirty minutes away, where I am then, yet again finger printed and another mug shot taken. At this point I am not crying, so I am sure this picture looks better.

I then get to make my phone call(s). The officer was nice enough to let me have my cell phone to get numbers from it. 1st call-hubby: no answer. 2nd call- brother: no answer. 3rd phone call- brother's BF: no answer. Repeat. Back to my brother...He answers like this: "I am calling bail bond places now." Oh thank GOD!!!! Two hours later, I'm free...with a date, in court. UGH!

Well, thanks for reading! Updates to come on my case.

With Love,


  1. Ok, did you have an "ugly cry" or just a really good eye roll and a fervent desire to kick the cop in the chins! You are such a trooper (pardon the pun!) I'm pretty sure I would have been ugly crying all over the police officer's shoes.
    Well, I think this post needs to be followed up with a pic of your mug shot,and details of the court case!

  2. Haha yes, I had an ugly cry and a huge desire to slap him, at least. Updates soon!