Saturday, September 25, 2010

I laugh because it's funny.

Dear Reader,
My hubby came home on yesterday morning! I was and am so excited to have him back! Immediately, my stress left my body. We did have some things to take care of, we sat at the DMV for a couple of hours because he had to renew his CDL license. What fun.

A couple of weeks ago, the hubbs and I had some issues and I had to drive to KY to get him and we took care of some business. Well, even though we had no choice, it was not a good one. His trucking company assumed he had quit and cut off all access to his card, which he gets paid on. We have been so poor! UGH. Yesterday they released eighty dollars for him to get the CDL renewed. But that still didn't help with our personal situation. Let me tell you, scrounging up some change for toilet paper and cigs is not fun. Ha Ha! But nonetheless, it's always interesting with the hubbs and I.

More to come soon on our future journey!

With Love,

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  1. I hate trying to round up enouch money to just buy the things you have to have! Im poor enough already then to scrounge makes it worse; so I feel your pain!

    Hope you're surviving out on the road! Love you!